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JPS Labs Cable Selection Guide

Products are listed from lowest to highest cost. Click on any of the red text or pictures for more specifics.

UltraConductor 2 Audio - Very Good

While being our lowest cost model, the UltraConductor 2 was designed from scratch by JPS to take those ready to try what cables can really do to a much higher level. This line of cables is well suited for any high quality audio or home theater system with choices from speaker cables, and RCA and balanced interconnect cables, and digital audio cables.

Excellent for those wishing to move to much better cables or who do not wish to spend high prices for high performance, and for rear channels to mate with better JPS cabling up front. Prices range from about US$ 200 on up.

GPA 2 AC Cord- Great upggrade for any component

GPA 2 allows anyone to experience what a good AC cord can do for any gear that will accept a detachable cord. An excellent beginning on a path toward better listening.

The Superconductor Q interconnnects, Speaker Cables... Excellent

Once you get into those multi-thousand dollar speakers, cables will completely decide how well they perform and sound. Without well refined cables from a respected manufacturer such as JPS, your speakers will tend to take on the sound of the cable rather than what they are capable of faithfully reproducing.

While being our 'middle line' of cables, these JPS designs are some of the best available in the world, easily supplying a wealth of information and refinement in sound for relatively reasonable prices.

Excellent upgrade from the UltraConductor 2 above, or for those who seek pure sound with very nice detail, beautiful vocals and instuments, and extended bass and treble ranges with near perfect balance and no hint of bright nor dull sound. These cables will bring any system to a very high level of performance. Highly recommended for  experienced listeners or for those who want to choose good cables once, right the first time, for many years of enjoyment without the need to ever question your decision.

Superconductor Q available as RCA and balanced XLR interconnect, digital audio cables (RCA SPDIF, XLR balanced), and speaker cables. Prices range from about US$ 424 on up.

The Digital AC Cord- An Amazing cord for anything Digital...

The Digital AC has been around practically forever and is a staple in audio circles. Special filtering designed to concentrate on offending noise produced within the equipment itself is at the heart of our most popular AC cord. Click for more...

Power AC+ Cord- A huge AC cable designed specifically for amplifiers and power delivery, this AC cord will make even the most skeptical wonder what is going on. Highly effective improvement in performance, particularly when combined with The Digital AC cord within the same system.

The Superconductor V - Spacious/Modern

Superconductor V RCA

This new line of cables repalce our longest running model line, Superconductor+, and is every bit worthy of carrying the name 'The Superconductor' into the future. A new flexible and modern white and chrome exterior on the outside and all JPS on the inside, these are great cables where looks and performance are a must for your room and high performance audio system. Includes both analog and digital audio cables. Prices from around $800 on up.

The Superconductor 3 - Outstanding Audiophile Cables  

The Superconductor 3 line of cables were designed to offer sound like no other cable. Replacing our long term reference Superconductor 2 known by so many for so many years, these cables will redefine music playback in your system like nothing else ever used.

If you have a sophisticated high-end audio system and are looking to make sure it keeps true to the source with excellent and proper image width and depth, true to life mids and highs with great clarity without brightness, and extended very well defined bass, all in near perfect proportion, these cables are absolutely for you! Prices range from about US$ 999 for interconnects to $2799 and up for speaker cables.


The Kaptovator- A method of AC delivery unlike any other...

The Kaptovator AC Cable dramatically improves resolution of any component. If you've reached a higher level in system and experience and feel you need more, then this cord is for you. Amazing on the highest resolution systems, this golden AC cable brings audio and video to a very high level of performance.



The World's Absolute Finest Cables ™

Aluminata brings the world as close as possible to the original recording, so much so that one could argue there is nothing closer than life itself. A culmination of our many years of providing the best using JPS's unique materials and continuous refinement. Aluminata reduces system limitations to zero. There are no other cables such as these.

Designed to be the absolute finest in the world, if you seek the best these are the cables. The highest quality loudspeakers and components deserve the highly refined abilities of Aluminata to appreciate their full potential. Hand-made by highly skilled audiophiles.

The Aluminata Series offers a complete holistic wiring solution including RCA, balanced, digital interconnects, speaker cables, and AC power cables, all with a surprising return on investment.

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