The Superconductor Q series of RCA and balanced audio
and digital interconnects and speaker cable is our
latest achievement, bringing music to its highest level
of reproduction.




Music to the Power of


JPS always builds upon our previous designs, and the new 'Q' is proof of our never ending quest to be at the top of our art. Borrowing pieces of our design engineering from our very expensive Aluminata Series and latest drawing of Alumiloy conductors, the new Q can do music like no other near its price range.

The Superconductor Q RCA interconnect

A hallmark of all JPS products is in rejecting all forms of noise (including hum, radio frequency and electromagnetic interference, additively causing a masking of clear detail), even in long lengths. Combining with newly designed micro-thin insulators allows for effortless low level detail and clarity with near perfect balance from the lowest lows on up.

Q Digital- The best digital cable in it's class.

Very flexible multi-strand Alumiloy conductors (click here for a sidebar on Alumiloy wire) custom designed for Q allow amazingly smooth clarity and dynamic range, never bright, never boring. In making Q in the USA, we take our audio optimized Alumiloy wire, blanket each of the conductors in the highest quality materials configured inside one of the finest shield topologies on the planet finished with a cool glossy violet outer jacket. Finally, highly skilled technicians terminate in our facility using temperature controlled stations and high quality solders for consistency in sound from pair to pair, guaranteeing many years of musical enjoyment without worry. When you purchase any JPS product, you're a music or movie lover in good company; there are no worries of another cable bettering this one anytime soon, even by ourselves.

Balanced Q- Dual balanced design

With these new Q designs comes immediate satisfaction. After many years of designing the best, we've compensated the Q to allow complete enjoyment right out of the box! What you can expect from these latest JPS creations is nothing short of complete satisfaction.

Superconductor Q Speaker Cable- True biwire or standard two wire

Bass definition and weight are excellent, midrange vocals are seriously real and smooth, never harsh nor dull, and high frequencies are naturally extended yet detailed, and perfectly balanced beyond audibility. Please take the time to audition the highly refined Superconductor Q cables, or any of our many unique cable designs, from your nearest dealer- You'll never use another brand again, seriously...

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